We are always looking for exceptionally talented and experienced professionals to join our team. We offer attractive compensation and benefits, and provide a respectful work environment, where you would find endless opportunities to grow and make a difference. So, if our mission resonates with you, and you are genuinely excited to work on some of the most complex industrial projects through the lens of cutting-edge technologies, please get in touch. Some specific current openings are listed below with minimum expected qualifications.

April 2022
Deep Learning Engineer (5+ years experience in Deep Learning libraries such as Tensorflow/Pytorch and DGL/PyG; BS/MS in Computer Science/Electrical Engineering; willingness to learn & innovate; passion to excel)

Applied Research Scientist (10+ years experience in Machine Learning; PhD from a top school; prior industrial experience in any area listed on the side panel is a plus; willingness to learn & innovate; passion to excel)

Quantum Researcher (PhD in Physics/Math/Computer Science; Background in combinatorial optimization, adiabatic computing, hybrid circuits, and machine learning; comfortable with PennyLane/Qiskit/Cirq and D-Wave; willingness to learn & innovate; passion to excel)